The Project

Year Developed: 2022

Project Type: Brand Logo

Software Used: Photoshop, AutoCAD

The Brief

A new recipe app and website was in development that catered to people with allergies. A logo to represent the project was required. It was to use a minimal number of colours, be instantly recognisable and inviting.

The Design

As this logo was to be used for a recipe app it made sense to go with something that would be in everyone’s kitchen. The oven glove design that was settled on was styled as if it was waving. This, along with the heart in the middle and the eyes-closed smiling face conveyed a sense of calm & contentment (something the app was wanting its users to feel)

Research was done on appealing colours for brands associated with food. While a green colour makes sense in evoking thoughts of health and wellbeing it has now been over-used by so many companies that it wouldn’t stand out. Oranges and browns are more associated with fast food, which is the opposite of what the app is about. Red, however, is a stimulating colour to tastebuds (think of juicy strawberries or cool tomatoes).

The logo was draughted using AutoCAD which allowed far greater precision when drawing (and easier to modify) before being exported in SVG format for use in Photoshop. The font style used for the brand name was a cursive font called Pacifico, giving the impression that it was handwritten/handmade – apt for a brand that focusses on recipes that are also handmade.